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Born in the trenches of my journey and the heart of my generation. A message and a movement. What does it mean for a generation to grow up without dad? What happens when our givers of life give us a lifetime of tears?

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German Shepherds, Monks and Mentoring (part one)

Last summer, we made the scared pilgrimage to pick up the Diesel. At the time, we were looking at an adult female, but she had just been placed. When the eight-week old Diesel trotted out, we were hooked.

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Dennis Rodman meets father after 42 years…

NBA Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman, recently met his father after 42 years. Rodman is best known for his fierce rebounding and wild tattoos, hairdos and facial piercings.
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Adele Opens Up

Adele took off in 2011 – setting records like a blazing comet – until doctors found a polyp in her throat. In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Adele talks about her amazing year, Grammy nominations, surgery, the big comeback and her father.

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How to take Contraband Pictures at the White House

Last month, I was humbled to be a part of the White House Champions of Change event… and had a conversation about the experience with my friend Andrew Rogers from Zondervan.

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Springsteen: the songs were a way of talking to the silent father

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, rock legend Bruce Springsteen opens up about his distant relationship with his father.

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Sugar Bear stole his first car… he was almost five

Sugar Bear remembers the car was orange. An El Camino. After stealing it, he pulled off the freeway, into a gas station, and climbed down from the vehicle. The police who apprehended him were startled. 
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Balancing the Scales of Justice…

Leo Tolstoy said, “everyone thinks of changing humanity – no one thinks of changing himself.” The temptation in going to an event such as the Justice Conference (which has been fantastic) – is to get overrun with causes and ideas, overstimulation and hype. 
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other f word

The Other F-Word

What happens when punk rockers become parents? What happens deviants become dads? This is the premise of the new documentary, “The Other F-Word.” (Trailer here) Although the movie is full of middle fingers and f-bombs, it screams of a larger story. 
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Gang membership up 40% in the past three years – new FBI report

There are some 1.4 gang members in the US. 1,400,000. In the new 100-page FBI threat assessment, they state, ‘gangs are a growing threat in communities throughout the United States.’ But the question that I’m concerned about is… “why?” 
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Fatherlessness: the story behind sex trafficking

I was thrilled to see Christianity Today spotlight Portland this month… lots of great things happening here, including CJ Speelman’s work, called “Wrench Raiders.” The story focused on sex trafficking and the courageous abolitionists in Portland who are changing it. 
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